UCLA School of Arts and Architecture, Graduated 2012

               Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, Los Angeles  2004 - 2008

               Early College Program, School of the Art Institute of Chicago  July 2007

               Lycee International de Los Angeles  1994 - 2004

Work Experience


               Kaari Upson Studios  2014 - present

               W. California Art Academy  2014 - present

               Disney Studios/Sony Animation  make-up artist  2014

               Stardust Productions  Production Design Assistant  2014

               Herman Miller Production Event  Stylist  2014

               Cypress Albums  2013 - 2014

               Silverfox Architectural Salvage  2011 - 2013

               Lupe Sanchez Production  Production Design  2012

               MTV  Set Painter  2011 - 2012

               Hammer Museum  Student Educator  2010 - 2012

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Born under the Hollywood Sign, Sarah spent most of her childhood in the Hollywood HIlls painting—mostly herself and her bedroom walls—to the delight of her father, an English photographer and cinematographer, and her mother, an art director and writer.

Sarah’s parents recognizing her artistic talent and academic smarts early on, enrolled her at the Lycee International de Los Angeles in Los Feliz where she received a bi-lingual education in French and English. She then attended high school at the Los Angeles High School for the Arts (LACHSA) where she studied visual arts. Continuing on to UCLA, she studied painting, sculpture, photography, and new genres with some of the most important artists working today—Barbara Kruger, Andrea Fraser, Mary Kelly, Roger Herman to name just a few.  While at UCLA, Sarah also worked as a student educator at the Hammer Museum giving tours and art talks. She recently graduated with her BA in Fine Arts and is currently busy working on a series of oil paintings exploring the theme of women, aging, and transitory beauty.

Besides art, Sarah loves history, film, animals, children, the BBC, WWII, the Scottish Highlands, and sewing. She also makes the  most amazing flourless chocolate cake in the world and drives a 1982 Mercedes coupe that runs on vegetable oil collected from her local Japanese restaurant. 







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Group Exhibitions


Work It  Post Gallery, Los Angeles

EMMEFAY #5  Wight Gallery, UCLA

Blond Ambition  Broad Undergraduate Gallery, UCLA

Senior Show  The Wight Gallery, UCLA

Undergraduate Juried Show  The Wight Gallery, UCLA

Senior Show  DCA Fine Arts, Santa Monica

Spring Show  Santa Monica Art Studios, Santa Monica

LACHSA at LACE GALLERY Lace Gallery, Hollywood  Online exhibition

Advanced Projects  The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Spring Show  Sheila Frumkin Gallery, Santa Monica

Scholastic Art Awards  Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles

Concept/Process  Pasadena Armory, Pasadena

Freeze Frame  The Arclight Cinema, Hollywood

Heatwave  Fine Arts Gallery, Cal State L.A, Los Angeles

Imagine  Luckman Fine Arts Gallery, Los Angeles

15 Minute Art  The Pasadena Armory, Pasadena

LACHSA at The Rose  The Rose Gallery, Venice

Surfacing  Luckman Fine Arts Gallery, Los Angeles

Left at the Vending Machines  Fine Arts Gallery, Cal State LA








Awards / Publications

Graphite Inter-Disciplinary Journal for the Arts

Hammer Museum  Issue #3  The Archival  2012

Wrote and illustrated the book King Ray and the Treasure of Sutton Hoo

Currently in the UCLA Library

SAID Advanced Projects  Student Merit Award  Painting Award

Scholastic Art Awards  Silver Key in Painting